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(June 2009 - updates to the indices below have not occurred in the 2000's, most likely won't occur. Cary no longer uses ICQ. See email address below, for contact.)

(Jan. 26, 1997): the UPDATE to the LOCUS database.
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March, 1998: Jo Clayton Dies

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The following indices are in Dbase III data format. All require that you have a database application to access the data files. No database apps are included. Unzip the zip file to an empty directory, then read the appropriate *.txt file. Requires PKUNZIP 2.04g (PKWARE) to unarchive.

The following indices are NOT affiliated with or endorsed by the respective magazines.

LOCUS Magazine Index, April 1987 to June 1996 (115k zip). Requires 815k disk space, unzipped. Read LOCUS.TXT after unzipping. Index to BOOK REVIEWS, INTERVIEWS and OBITUARIES. Also, get the 1st update (see below).


NEW !!! as of Jan. 26, 1997, The UPDATE to the original LOCUSIDX.ZIP!

LOCUS Magazine Index UPDATE #1, July 1996 to January 1997 (12k zip). Requires 55k disk space, unzipped. Read README.1ST after unzipping. This is an UPDATE to the original LOCUSIDX.ZIP. You MUST have the LOCUSIDX.ZIP files to correctly update the database.

The next update will be for February 1997 to December 1997, posted in January or February 1998.

ANALOG Magazine Index, October 1948 to August 1996 (238k zip). Requires 2.2 MB disk space, unzipped. Read SFMAGS.TXT after unzipping. Index to AUTHORS & TITLES (stories, editorials, non-fiction), BOOK REVIEWS, COVER ARTISTS, and ILLUSTRATORS.

The SFMAGS.ZIP (currently containing the ANALOG index) is an ongoing project to create a consolidated index for authors' works across several sf magazines. "The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction" is currently being compiled. This release of SFMAGS.ZIP includes listings for F & SF, Sept. 1949 (Vol. 1 No.1) to Nov. 1952. Future releases will provide updates to this initial release of ANALOG and part of F & SF. Future magazines will be: the remainder of F & SF, GALAXY, IF, SFAge, WORLDS OF TOMORROW, BEYOND, and TOMORROW. There is no schedule for this project.

The goal of this project is to be able to look up an author and see their works listed across several magazines.


Name at right is real name.

Write to Cary ! freerangeauthor [a*t] exordia [d0t] net

Cary's ICQ UIN is 3159761. Check out the OUTSTANDING Internet utility, ICQ You will know what to do with the UIN after you download and install ICQ. See you on the 'net! Or Page me from my ICQ Pager web page.

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This page last updated May 16, 1999

Jo Clayton Dies
February 15, 1939 to
February 13, 1998

After approximately 18 months of hospitalization, Jo Clayton died February 13, 1998, two days short of her 59th birthday. The third book of her "Drums" trilogy will be completed by Katharine Kerr (or an author Kerr selects). Please see the March 1998, LOCUS Magazine, page 70, for details. Or look for messages in the rec.arts.sf.* newsgroups.

Visit the Official Jo Clayton Web Site for info on her unfinished works

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